Benjamin E. Hardy

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Film/Video Projects

Here are a number of short film/video projects I had a hand in, predominantly as writer.


Changing Color

I love the 48 Hour Film Slams. So much pressure. We took home 2nd Place and Audience Choice for this one. I was told we lost some points because there wasn't any dialogue in the piece. I have nothing to say to that. 

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Fade to Truth

Yes, another 48 Hour Film Slam! We were older, wiser, and more comfortable with dialogue! 

To be fair, this was a healthy mix of scripted and improv, which only works when you have fun, open, talented actors, which we did. 

We won 1st Place!

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Farm to Ballet

Farm to Ballet is a fascinating Vermont non-profit that performs original adult amateur ballet on local farms throughout the summer. 

One can't succinctly describe in words what it is they do, which is why they hired a production company to tell their story through video. I was brought on as "Script Supervisor", although a more appropriate title might have been "Story Editor." Basically I outlined the concept, wrote all the interview questions, and collaborated on the editing process. 

Credit: Script Supervisor