Benjamin E. Hardy

Loves to write everyday


Coven of Celsus 

This scene takes place in the police department. Elizabeth (main character) is being questioned by Detectives Peters and Wolkowski about her relationship to Lance Ewing, a Senator's son who went missing two nights earlier after a night out at Club Mandala. Elizabeth's memory of the night is hazy at best - she thinks she may have been drugged. 

Changing Color

This short film is a series of flashbacks as Andy (main character) writes a letter to Cael, the love of his life. The contents of the letter we hear through his voice over. In this scene he recalls the first time her saw her. 

Soul Keeper

In this scene Carl has just discovered he is not the first person to be imprisoned by the Old Man in the Bleak Room. He must hide his discovery as the Old Man enters the room bearing a covered serving tray. But it's not the breakfast Carl was expecting...