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Coven of Celsus, Television Series

Pilot Plot Synopsis

25-year-old Georgetown University student Elizabeth Stone is haunted by visions of a bloodthirsty, medieval countess. She suspects these are not typical nightmares, but glimpses of a past life. When a black-out night of clubbing puts Elizabeth front and center in a high-profile missing persons case, she must turn to the mysterious stranger Celsus, who claims to hold proof of her innocence and the truth behind her visions.


Coven of Celsus is a television series based on a book series under the same name, written by Randy V. The above teaser was shot many years ago, before a screenwriter was attached to the books. 

I had the opportunity to write a pilot for the series and took it in a direction different from where the above teaser would have your imagination go, and different from where the book takes you. 

For starters, vampirism was stripped from the story and much of the sex & violence (X-rated at a minimum) was scaled back. Reincarnation and female autonomy are punched up, and a few storylines non-existent in the book are introduced to provide the fodder necessary for the long ride. Request a copy of the script. 

Soul Keeper, Short film

password: citro

Plot Synopsis

Imprisoned by a mysterious and fanatical old man, Carl Congdon must repent for his sins and find faith if he is to save his life--or his soul--from eternal damnation.


Soul Keeper was an adaptation of a Joe Citro short story. Citro is the de facto state loresman for Vermont. Soul Keeper was part of Not Yet Dead, a collection of fictional short stories, to which a VT production company secured the option. I was brought on with co-writer and friend John Oliver to adapt. 

This was my first time co-writing, and it was a learning experience. In hindsight I think the story would have been best served by linking Pastor Philips to the Old Man and deviating farther from the source, but there are some cool moments in there. 

The short film was shot in Vermont by a local cast + crew for a budget of around $50K. The film went on to screen at the Green Mountain Film Festival.